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lets talk magic
Published by Johnny "O" in One Up • 12/25/2013 1:10:28 PM
Let's talk Magic. I am going to talk about Magic on here some I hope you will agree and some I hope you will disagree. Like here is the first thing. I really don't like Magicians. Lets explain. Well most magicians are pushy and crass people, thinking that they know it all, pushing there way in to show you a trick or one up the other magician in the room. For those of you who don't know what one up means.... It is once the Magician does a trick the one upper goes here is a trick from me better than his Look at me, if you see most of the pros they will sit back and watch all this happen and will wait to be asked and most still won't perform, unless ask by the performing Magician. Don't get me wrong I do like magic ....and I mean I love magic because all the differ things you can do with it and the different venues you can do it in .... from one on one to 1000 people. Magicians think there has to be a reason to do a trick ..... there must be a purpose and meaning behind the trick, (that is true). the purpose is to entertain people and let them have a good time and be amazed ...what the meaning behind the trick are for magicians only people have no idea how and why we do magic they are just happy that we do it and get to watch and enjoy.... So if you are not a magician and you see a magician performing walk up to him and ask why, how, and what's the purpose of that trick..... That's if you want to spend another hour standing there listening to the explanation or just say thanks you were great. Think about it .

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