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How much should I charge
Published by Johnny "O" in Magic • 6/8/2019 3:40:37 PM
There is no definitive answer. Most magicians do this because they love the art form. The best part is fees are negotiable. The more in demand you are the more you can confidently command.

In smaller rural areas Iíve heard of rates ranging from $150Ė500 for a kids birthday party. For cities like SF, NY and LA a childrenís birthday party magician may make $250Ė750. $750 would be for and award winning magician with 10 years plus experience. You can make OVER $1500.00 per kids party if have a good agent or party planner who and sends you to a celebrityís OR CEOís kids birthday party in the Silicon Valley.

For corporate magicians and entertainers the range starts at $300 per hour and can go upwards of $5,000 or more for just close-up magic. Iíve heard that David Blaine charges $100,000 for an appearance, pretty much close up magic.

It depends on your experience, celebrity status, promotional material and how good you are at negotiating. If you have a specialized skill such as pick-pocketing you can also charge more. Pick-pocket magicians typically charge $1000Ė10,000 for their services. Stage illusionist generally charge $1500 for a generic show and can go into the millions for a customized stage illusion.

If youíre an aspiring magician, charge what you feel you are worth. Get your foot in the door and systematically raise your rates as you get better. Donít worry about what the competition is charging. Create value for your customers and try to be different.

Most entertainers charging in the high ranges have larger illusions, TV shows or some other x factor that ups their perceived value.

Edit: Also are you willing to walk away from an event if so you maybe able to negotiate more pay. Donít ever walk away until your schedule is getting booked. From a long term perspective it is better to get more experience than to walk away from a gig.

Another way you can make more money is charge a premium for dates you have multiple requests for or weeks you already have a set number of events.

For Friday and Saturday nights in December I charge x price, however on one night I had over 4 clients asking to book. So on the last client I decided to ask for over 4x what I quoted the first client. I also told them that demand was extremely strong on the requested date and that they would be paying a premium. I told them if they wanted to book another of my performers this year OR myself for next year I would be happy to lock them in at the x rate. Because of my outstanding reputation, some of my clients will actually change the dates to accomodate my schedule and sometimes get better pricing. (I mention to clients when premium pricing is in effect just in they price compare with their friends who have booked me in the past.)

For me it wasnít about the money, itís the passion and satisfaction. I tell people I crash parties for a living and I get paid for it. Friends and family regard it as a cool job. Iím constantly learning every day. The overhead is low, I donít pay rent for a store front. I travel to magic conventions which are really fun. If youíre good clients will fly you around the world to perform for their clients, in fact as I write this Iím in Shanghai performing for corporate clients.

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