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What's happening in the world of magic
Published by Johnny "O" in Magic • 7/25/2014 3:54:11 PM
What is happening in the world of magic

In the world of magic things are changing. Now a days there are so many ways to learn magic. You can learn it on the internet, DVD, book, from another magician, if your lucky from a magic shop, or even a magic club. I almost forgot, you can come up with a trick or two all by yourself ( that maybe no one else came up with before). When I first started in magic the only way to learn magic was from another magician or a book that you bought at a magic shop. ... at the magic shop the magician would demo a trick or two hoping you would like it and buy it from them. Then they would show you how it was done and would wow you thinking that was great, or say what a rip-off.... either way it was yours and there was no exchanges, once you bought it, it was yours. Now a days you can buy magic from on line magic shops. They show you a demo video to try to get you to buy it, and once you do there is no one to show you how it was done, or if you have a question about it. Some do have an instructional video but just shows you how it's done not if you have a question your out of luck. but they figure if you like it and buy it you will figure it out. some give you a routine and most people follow that instead of coming up with there own or making it different or in there own style. You can also nowadays buy magic from another magician, and it seems a lot of magicians are selling magic they don't want, or didn't work for them, of just want to get rid of. Now how I feel about this. What do you think. I love it! Magic I have always wanted I can get now. I still try to come up with my own routines but if I can't you have one right there on the DVD and if you don't like it you can get rid of it right away because there is someone out there who will want it. As far as magic over all they still do it the old fashion way. Someone has an idea, puts it on video, and sells it to a magician who then shows it to you and either you love it or you don't. If the magician doesn't like it he sells it to someone else and he tries to do it for someone else. So it one big circle. there is more to come ,but this is a start.

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